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Links and Resources 

Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding areas:

holistic birthing support services

Abita Springs abdominal healing and classes

functional medicine gynecologist

For Maya Abdominal Massage in midwest:  
Maria Renner, CMT

Brandy Akers, CMT

Grace MacNeil, CMT

Carbondale Illinois:
Kimberly Veras

Bloomington, IN therapy resources:
Jen Stone LAc of East West Acupuncture
Sarah Greene LAc of Greene Acupuncture

Grace MacNeil of Monarch Apothecary, local handcrafted herbals
Melissa Larimer of Flora Massage and Wellness Services, LLC,  women's health craniosacral therapy
Molly Mendota, CMT, doula, women's health classes
That's the Rub, deep tissue massage

Indianapolis therapy resources:
Lisa Bless, massage and craniosacral therapy
Jacke Carter, craniosacral therapy "Handle with Care" 
(317) 726-1699
Amy Fuller, on site massage therapy
Dr. Irene Fox, MD, functional medicine and pediatrics
Gregg Golden, LAc Natural Golden Energy Acupuncture
Tim Moriarity, LAc Eastern Wind Acupuncture
Kelsey Tepas, Fermented Veggies
Cleansing Waters, a colonic and wellness spa in Indianpolis, IN

Healthy Home and Cosmetics:
Sarah Stout, Pure Haven:  nontoxicmomny.com

be inspired!:


St. Elizabeth Icon Studio in Lafayette Louisiana

help yourself with this info:

hysterectomy alternatives and after affects

for women with prolapsing organs seeking reversal of prolapse

healing diastasis recti at home

educational opportunities:

abdominal massage: www.adagioholistictherapy.com   or   www.arvigotherapy.com

craniosacral and visceral manipulation therapy: www.upledgerinstitute.com

pre and perinatal massage: www.bodytherapyassociates.com
women's herbal and nutrition studies: www.livingawarenessinstitute

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